Why JNS?

In short: Quality, service and supporting a local business.

For our trade customers, we come to you!

Time is money. And whilst you may want to support your local supplier, it isn't always economical. Every minute wasted is time that could be spent servicing your customers and making money. Or even better; going fishing or to the footy or with the family.

There is also no commitment. Buy only what you need. You dictate how much you want and what you want.

For our online customers

Ease of use, high quality photos, same day dispatch*, free delivery over $100 spent, multiple safe payment options

Our products

The majority of our bolts and nuts are high tensile (Grade 8.8 minimum), with a CR3 trivalent plating at 5-8 microns, including our flanged metric range which comply with Japanese standards JIS 1189

Our aluminium sump plug washers and copper washers are made in Melbourne

Our plastic clips are all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), so there is no concern about fit or breaking, when used properly, unlike inferior cheaply made imposter products.

Assortment kits

We have over 30 assortment kits and growing. We take pride in including only the most popular sizes or styles to ensure maximum use.

The purpose of the assortment kit is to give you a variety to get you out of trouble on that night you are staying back, or weekend you are working and can't go elsewhere.

Even the less commonly used items may get you out of trouble on the odd occasion and save you time searching, and money on shipping or waiting on deliveries.

Supporting locals

JNS fasteners is a family owned and operated business. All products are sourced from Australian companies. We travel Australia wide and support regional areas through our travels. We have made sizable donations to CFA and NSW rural fire services.